Month: March 2017

Superman Bill

Posted on Friday, March 31, 2017

Today is Bill Young’s 20th anniversary working for our company – in fact, he was here before there even was a Lykins-Signtek! Bill was an employee of Signtek before the merger with Lykins and has been with us continuously since. He is the undisputed master of our “weed room” (for industry novices, this is not a – ahem – “smoking area” but the room where vinyl lettering and graphics get cut, separated, and applied to signs); he also takes care of vinyl lamination, our street and traffic sign insert supply and production, engraving, custom ADA sign production and so much more. He’s always here, always on top of things, a fount of knowledge, and solid as can be. Last but not least, he’s fun to be around and just a great guy. We all love him and look forward to the next 20. Congratulations and Thank You Bill!

If you have a great idea, we’ll make it happen

Posted on Monday, March 20, 2017

At Naples Reserve, our client’s design firm created fun, original sign concepts for the Island Club clubhouse area. We had to come up with ways to turn those concepts into durable, weather-resistant products. One of our favorites is the Beach Rules sign – it should look like a surfboard planted in the sand. We 3D-routed the boards out of 1″ thick solid PVC, painted and applied laminated digital graphics, then mounted them to a sturdy welded and cross-braced aluminum support structure buried deeply to withstand strong winds. Other fun signs in this project include “charred treasure-map” style pool and spa rules mounted on cedar wood panels.

ADA signs can be creative too!

Posted on Tuesday, March 14, 2017

We design and produce thousands of ADA signs every year, and most of the creative thought revolves around style, layers, materials and colors. But every now and then there’s an interesting twist to the content itself – and St. John’s latest restroom signs are just too good! Credit to the church for originality and humor (it was their idea).

One community, One day

Posted on Thursday, March 02, 2017

Last Friday, we removed the old mailboxes and installed 41 new double decorative mailbox sets for all 82 homes in the Ventura neighborhood in Pelican Marsh, in one day. It was an intensive and highly productive day of work for a team of 6, led by Pete Lykins, but they still managed to be “a good crew and pleasant guys” in the process, according to Mr. Weisberger, President of the Ventura HOA.
We also repainted all the lamp posts in the neighborhood to match the gloss black of the new mailboxes – and upgraded all lights to LED while we were at it. Our thanks to Southwest Property Management for yet another great opportunity.