Month: September 2020

Our New UV LED Printer!

Posted on Friday, September 25, 2020

Our shop has welcomed a new tool this week, the Direct Color Systems 1800 Braille & Graphics UV LED Printer. Our team has spent this week in training as they are getting more proficient with it. This printer works by distributing ink onto a substrate with UV lights following behind it to immediately cure the ink. This creates a very sharp print and the machine repeatedly goes through this process until it reaches your desired thickness. This is why it is perfect for ADA signage & braille.  This also allows for different textures to be printed onto a substrate. For example, we can add a canvas texture that feels and looks like an image was painted on canvas, we can do this to make it look like a painting with brush strokes as well. The pictures below show a few examples of what we have been experimenting with.

Signs & More at Treviso Bay

Posted on Wednesday, September 09, 2020

 Lykins-Signtek does much more than signage for Treviso Bay. We took care of flagpoles, traffic signs, community monument signs, and most recently, repainting streetlights. Treviso Bay is a prime example of the scope of the abilities that we can handle and our crew hopes to further our relationship as the community continues to grow. A look at the pictures included will show our craftmanship in action.