Habitat for Humanity

Posted on Thursday, January 21, 2021

Lately, we have been doing a lot of work with Habitat for Humanity, this is a global nonprofit that works in local communities building homes and helping those in need. We have working with them to install CBU’s for their neighborhoods, as well as signage for their Restore. Habitat Restores is a secondhand store that sells home improvement items at a fraction of retail price. Doing work with this company is something that everyone in the company looks forward to as, not only do we get to do the work that we love but we know we are helping people in the process.

Gulf Harbor Marina Refurbishment

Posted on Monday, January 04, 2021

Gulf Harbor Marina is a full-service marina located near Nokomis Beach. We were given the opportunity to refurbish their existing HDU sign that has been in use for at least 18 years! All the sign needed was some minor repairs and a fresh coat of paint including 23k Gold Leaf and it is looking new again. Our team did a great job making this sign look how it did 18 years ago!

5th Avenue South

Posted on Tuesday, November 03, 2020

5th Avenue South has been the premier spot in Naples for many years and over this time we have established a relationship with the businesses that call this strip home. We have done everything from directional signage to large wall signs. These signs have stood the test of time in Florida’s heat and with them being so close to the Gulf, the ocean breeze.  Next time you are walking down 5th Ave look up and around and you will see works from Lykins-Signtek everywhere you look.

New CBU Regulations

Posted on Thursday, October 29, 2020

In July, there was a change to the Postal Operations Manual that may affect you. In the past you needed 1 parcel locker for every 10 mail compartments, now you need a parcel locker for every 5.  This does not apply to current CBU’s but will be required for all new installs or remodels. You can read the new regulation here:

632.622 Location and Arrangement

Regulations for the location and arrangement of receptacles are subject to Postal Service approval as follows:

  1. All new or remodeled apartment houses can only install USPS-approved 4C equipment. When installing this equipment, a requirement is to have at least one parcel locker for every five customer mail compartments. For those buildings with a minimum of five mail compartments, there must be at least one parcel locker installed.
  2. Receptacles and parcel lockers in apartment houses should be located reasonably close to the entrance in vestibules, halls, or lobbies. The carriers must be able to serve the boxes without interference from swinging or open doors. The area must be adequately lighted to afford the best protection to the mail and to let carriers read addresses on mail and names on boxes without difficulty.

Moorings Park WWII Memorial

Posted on Monday, October 26, 2020

This past week we installed 4 donor plaques for Moorings Park as part of their World War II Memorial. This memorial is a thoughtful tribute to those lost in WWII. The area boasts a garden, a display showcasing each military branch and other sentiments. The WWII Memorial is just across from the clubhouse at the main location.

Our New UV LED Printer!

Posted on Friday, September 25, 2020

Our shop has welcomed a new tool this week, the Direct Color Systems 1800 Braille & Graphics UV LED Printer. Our team has spent this week in training as they are getting more proficient with it. This printer works by distributing ink onto a substrate with UV lights following behind it to immediately cure the ink. This creates a very sharp print and the machine repeatedly goes through this process until it reaches your desired thickness. This is why it is perfect for ADA signage & braille.  This also allows for different textures to be printed onto a substrate. For example, we can add a canvas texture that feels and looks like an image was painted on canvas, we can do this to make it look like a painting with brush strokes as well. The pictures below show a few examples of what we have been experimenting with.

Signs & More at Treviso Bay

Posted on Wednesday, September 09, 2020

 Lykins-Signtek does much more than signage for Treviso Bay. We took care of flagpoles, traffic signs, community monument signs, and most recently, repainting streetlights. Treviso Bay is a prime example of the scope of the abilities that we can handle and our crew hopes to further our relationship as the community continues to grow. A look at the pictures included will show our craftmanship in action.

Our Relationship with Seagate Development Group

Posted on Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Over the years, we have done many projects with Seagate Development Group. Our salesman, Jim Geiger, has been working with them on development signs and mailboxes for their many communities and buildings. One of the most recent being for Conditioned Air’s new warehouse. We were even able to refurbish one of the signs from their previous warehouse to look brand new on this building and our company is working on a 30’ flagpole, as well.

This business relationship has allowed for us to take on Seagate Development Groups brand new Corporate Headquarters. We completed the channel letters on the building, as well as the monument sign and flag pole out front. We look forward to working with this company for many years to come and appreciate the business. So, from everyone at Lykins-Signtek, we say thank you!

Check Your Pool Rules!

Posted on Friday, August 21, 2020

Everyone is familiar with the signs that must be positioned around a public pool to alert swimmers of the potential dangers, but are you sure that your community’s pool has all their bases covered? In Florida there are 8 regulations you must have plus the certain guidelines that are specific to your pool.

  • A sign with the following pool rules and regulations (printed in at least 1 inch letters):
  •  -No food or beverages in pool or on pool deck
  • -No glass or animals in the pool area
  • -Bathing load: ___ persons
  • -Pool hours: __ a.m. to __ p.m.
  • -Shower before entering
  • -Do not swallow the pool water, it is recirculated
  • -Do not use pool if you are ill with diarrhea
  • -“NO DIVING” in 4 inch letters (for pools larger than 200 square feet).
  • A sign with site-specific safety guidelines. These guidelines depend on the hazards unique to each pool. If any of these dangers exist, pool user must be appropriately notified.
  • -Danger: Steep slope
  • – Designated diving areas
  • – Deep water
  • -Underwater obstruction
  • – Dangerous wildlife
  • Restroom Directions. If restrooms are not visible from the pool deck, directions must be posted in at least 1 inch letters and positioned so that they can be read from any point on pool deck.

Pools that are longer than 300 feet may also be required to obtain additional signage after consulting with the Florida Department of Health. We reiterate that pool owners should corroborate the accuracy of these guidelines by checking relevant state, county, and local statutes.

Marco Island Historical Museum monument sign

Posted on Tuesday, May 05, 2020

Last week we installed the new monument sign for the Marco Island Historical Museum. The original (vintage!) sign had been destroyed in a car accident over a year ago.
The museum is one of five Collier County historical museums and this sign exhibits the new style that the County wants to adopt for all.
We recommend visiting the museum if you have an opportunity. The exhibits are of high quality and provide a wealth of information about the natural and human history of the area – and do not miss the “world-famous” Marco Cat!
Collier Museums
Marco Island Historical Museum