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Signs to support your COVID-19 policies

Posted on Thursday, April 02, 2020

Just like you, we learn and adapt our business to the latest COVID-19 news and requirements on a daily basis. While making some temporary signage for our own needs, we realized many other companies, communities, institutions etc may also need better options than a piece of paper to explain changes and restrictions to their customers, employees or residents. We’re of course all hopeful that we will get past this pandemic sooner rather than later but there’s now little doubt that we’re in this for several more weeks if not months.
Did you switch to take-out orders? Or now do curbside delivery only? Are you restricting access or have you changed access routes? Do you need to guide or redirect customers? Show safe distances? We have many affordable options for small roadside or yard signs, banners, portable A-frame signs, or vinyl window signs that provide effective, weather-resistant, and professional signage for the duration of these special measures and help you get your message across. Our team will help you pick the best solution for your needs and we have most materials in stock for a fast turnaround. Call us at 239-594-8494 (Naples) or 941-484-9169 (Nokomis).
Stay Safe!

Need service for your sign? Ask Russ!

Posted on Thursday, August 15, 2019

Lykins-Signtek has always serviced signs of its own manufacture, but also local signs for national brands or signs made by others. We repair, repaint, refurbish, modify, remove and move signs; replace tenant panels, lettering and graphics, fix lighting problems or upgrade to LED lighting, reface channel letters and much more.
While our Sales staff have handled service requests in the past – and will happily continue to do so for their customers – we have recently appointed Russ Hopkins as Service Advisor with the primary responsibility to take care of your service needs. Russ has extensive field installation and service experience with our company, including electrical, painting, and boom truck work. He will come on site for a (free) evaluation, provide a quote, and manage your service project, coordinating with our Production and Installation teams as needed so you have a single point of contact throughout the project. Call Russ at 239-594-8494 (office) or 239-273-4517 (mobile).

Freedom Eagles: retiring American Flags with dignity and purpose

Posted on Thursday, May 09, 2019

Lykins-Signtek sells dozens of flagpoles every year, projects we truly enjoy – especially when we raise the American Flag for the first time upon installation. Of course flags do not last forever, so when we were contacted by the Freedom Eagles, an organization that collects American Flags for proper retirement and disposal, it was an easy decision to support them with some of our resources. We’ll let Mr. R. Butcher of the Freedom Eagles explain their initiative better than we can:

Once again, “Thank You” and the staff for all you have done for the Freedom Eagles.
It is nice to know that there are folks who believe in our cause. We now retire 4/5000 Flags a year and most of them are collected with people using our Flag Boxes, located throughout our community. Of these:
1. Approx. 1000 of these are given to some of the local funeral homes to be retired with a Veteran when they are cremated. No greater way to retire the American Flag than to be draped over a Veteran (who was willing to die for the Flag) at the time of cremation.
2. We furnish Flags to be retired on Flag Day at Freedom Park.
3. The rest of them are taken to the airport where they are retired in a proper and respectful manner.
Your kindness and thoughtfulness are greatly appreciated.

Our sincere thanks to the Freedom Eagles for this service!

Another Pulte “Built to Honor” home completed for a wounded veteran and his family

Posted on Monday, April 08, 2019

Since 2013, PulteGroup and their many suppliers, contractors, and partners have built over 50 homes nationwide for veterans wounded in combat through their “Built to Honor” initiative. Every year, we are proud to support this program locally with signage. This year, US Army Sergeant Howard Appleby of Cape Coral, a veteran with two tours in Iraq, was handed over the keys to a new, mortgage-free home in Babcock Ranch. More info is available here. Our most sincere thank you and congratulations to Sergeant Appleby and his family!

Our condolences and a heartfelt thanks to the Pulte family and company

Posted on Monday, March 19, 2018

Last week we learned that Mr. William (Bill) Pulte, founder of the PulteGroup home building company, passed away at the age of 85. We never had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Pulte but we have worked closely with his company for many years now. Lykins-Signtek was founded in 1999 and owes a substantial part of its early growth to Centex which merged with Pulte in 2008 to form the nation’s largest homebuilder at the time. Pulte has continued to rely on us to provide mailboxes and all types of signage in its many Southwest Florida developments and we value the relationship very highly. We extend our most sincere condolences and deep gratitude to the Pulte family and employees.

Lykins-Signtek pursues growth in Charlotte County

Posted on Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Collier and Lee County have long been our main stomping ground, and over the last few years we have supported the expansion of our loyal customers into new developments in Sarasota and Manatee County. Charlotte County is now experiencing rapid change as well and we believe Lykins-Signtek is the perfect partner for county and municipal services, developers and businesses in Punta Gorda, Port Charlotte, Babcock Ranch and surrounding areas. We are excited and very pleased to announce we have appointed an independent sales representative for Charlotte County, Wes DeMott. Wes is based in Punta Gorda and will be dedicated full-time to develop and assist Lykins-Signtek customers in this area. He brings many years of experience in construction and aluminum materials as well as first-class business development and customer service skills. We believe he will prove to be an invaluable local resource for our clients. Wes can be reached at or 239-595-6154.

An unhappy experience for all of us, despite the added business

Posted on Friday, December 08, 2017

Dear Customer, we want to apologize. We have been flooded with requests to repair street and traffic signs, mailboxes, and business signs damaged by Hurricane Irma. Since September our team has been working long hours including Saturdays, to reset or retrieve, evaluate and quote, fabricate and weld, prep and paint, and reinstall signs throughout Southwest Florida – in addition to handling “normal” sign orders. Our second yard is filled with hundreds of signs pending repair and it seems that every time we return one batch to a community, another two join the pile.
Needless to say, many of you – our valued clients – are starting to grow impatient and enquire regularly and ever more forcefully about your signage. Please know that while you may not see any progress from your vantage point, we are returning neighborhoods and communities back to normal every day and this will happen with yours as well.
We were all caught by surprise by the magnitude of the damage Irma inflicted on trees, fences, and signs, and we admit it took some time for us to get “into a groove” to handle the logistics with some efficiency. We have hired extra personnel, including through staffing agencies, but have found finding candidates challenging too: lots of landscaping, construction and trade companies are hiring for the same reasons. To make matters worse, we face challenges getting adequate supplies of some materials as Irma has stretched certain supply chains beyond the breaking point.
We cannot adequately express our deep gratitude for you calling us first, for your trust in our ability to “fix this”, for your patience and understanding in the face of long delays; but we want you to know we are fully committed to getting through this as fast as humanly possible. Our sincere apologies for at times being unable to provide meaningful information on completion dates, but we assure you that you are not forgotten.

Hurricane Irma’s effects on Lykins-Signtek

Posted on Thursday, September 21, 2017

We’re finally fully operational! Fortunately everyone here came out of this unharmed and with their homes essentially intact, maybe helped by a company decision to assist our employees with plywood and crews to board up before the storm hit. While one of our facilities suffered significant roof damage, most of the negative consequences of Irma to our business came as a result of the loss of power for 1 1/2 weeks. Within a couple of days we were able to run some essential office systems off our generators, but our welding, painting, and metalworking equipment was down until now.
Irma left a trail of overturned, bent and broken signs throughout Southwest Florida. Our first priority is to assist the communities that rely on Lykins-Signtek for their street and traffic signage to restore this critical infrastructure as much as possible. Our field installation teams have been on the road since Wednesday last week and our yard is filling up fast with signs needing repair. Our supply chain is getting back in gear and our production team is putting the pedal to the metal to catch up on prior orders while responding to the current needs. We ask for your patience and understanding while we go through the steps of evaluation, quote, and repair/replace for each client.
Lykins-Signtek was built on long-term relationships and we’re going to get through this rebuilding effort together. We thank you for your business and will do everything we can to get you taken care of as soon as possible.

From Naples to Minnesota, with our best wishes

Posted on Thursday, June 08, 2017

A long-standing, local client of Lykins-Signtek asked us to provide all the signage for a major renovation to their Quarterdeck Resort property on Gull Lake in Minnesota. This request came with a very tight deadline and consisted of a number of custom-routed wall-mounted and hanging signs made out of high-density urethane as well as some street signs. The larger double-sided hanging signs were built with a “hidden” internal aluminum structure for support. As part of this project we also had to recreate a classic “Phillips 66” gas station sign, something our production team enjoyed doing for some nostalgic reason! However intricate the signs, they were nothing out of the ordinary for our guys and we built and finished them expediently; what was a bit different was the need to pack and ship them so they would get to Minnesota in pristine shape. Our ever-resourceful Pete Lykins stepped in to help build a custom 10 foot long packing crate, carefully bracing each individual sign, much like framed art. Pete later travelled to Gull Lake himself to supervise the installation of the signs – and hopefully enjoyed some bass fishing while he was there!
(the picture shows a partially filled crate)

Superman Bill

Posted on Friday, March 31, 2017

Today is Bill Young’s 20th anniversary working for our company – in fact, he was here before there even was a Lykins-Signtek! Bill was an employee of Signtek before the merger with Lykins and has been with us continuously since. He is the undisputed master of our “weed room” (for industry novices, this is not a – ahem – “smoking area” but the room where vinyl lettering and graphics get cut, separated, and applied to signs); he also takes care of vinyl lamination, our street and traffic sign insert supply and production, engraving, custom ADA sign production and so much more. He’s always here, always on top of things, a fount of knowledge, and solid as can be. Last but not least, he’s fun to be around and just a great guy. We all love him and look forward to the next 20. Congratulations and Thank You Bill!