Site & Ground Signs

When your development, community, campus, or business needs a high-impact site or ground sign, turn to Lykins-Signtek. We take care of the design, production, and installation of monument walls, pylon (pole) signs, directory signs, directional signage, and all types of real estate signage. Engineered to the strictest specifications and usually installed in record time, our signs set the standard when it comes to perfection. Designed to seamlessly match your site or architectural style down to the last detail, Lykins-Signtek’s signs aren’t just beautiful and durable; they are practical and affordable as well. And we install them so quickly and cleanly, most clients get the feeling the sign just appeared in its location. All our products are built of the highest-quality, long-lasting materials such as aluminum and polycarbonate, with automotive-grade paint finishes and stainless steel fasteners. We are a licensed electrical sign contractor able to install, upgrade, or service illuminated signs. All our illuminated signs use state-of-the-art weatherproof LED lighting and UL-approved components, and signs are installed per NEC code. Equally important, with a full-time permit specialist on staff, we stay on top of the maze of city and county regulations and ensure your sign is built to be code-compliant – and to last for many years.