Damaged Mailbox Report

If you clicked the button to get to this page, it is bad news… we are very sorry to see that you found your mailbox dented, crushed, or in pieces on the ground. Unfortunately this happens every day as garbage collectors, landscape companies, delivery and service trucks go about their business. Often you don’t even know how it happened or who was responsible, yet the mail doesn’t wait and you need it fixed. Don’t worry, call us or send in this form and we can take care of it. If possible, please upload a picture of your damaged mailbox.
Note that if you click the “Browse” or “Choose File” button on most smartphones or tablets, it will give you the option to take a picture or select one from your photo gallery.
We’ll come out and remove your damaged mailbox, put in a temporary one, and bring yours to our shop for an evaluation and quote for repair.
We charge a standard rate for removal, basic repair, repaint, and re-installation; this rate includes minor welding and small hardware but does not include:
Any new parts that may be needed
Sandblasting to strip the mailbox of flaking paint and oxidation
Major welding
Special paint finishes

In many cases the standard rate covers what’s needed, but if there is anything additional required, we will contact you with a quote and seek your approval first.
If the repair price approaches or exceeds the price of a brand new mailbox, we will give you that option as well.
Thank you for contacting us and we look forward to making your mailbox look as good as new!

Upload Damaged Mailbox Picture