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Signage has three main purposes – the 3 ‘I’s of signs: Information, Instruction, Identification. Well designed signs help you understand product and service offerings; they tell you what to do or where to go to accomplish what you need; and they aid in locating people and places. The “snazziest” sign is not always the most effective; the most visually appealing one may not be the most readable. Shape and layout, color and contrast, content and copy size all need to work well together to capture attention, deliver your message, and have a lasting impact. Lykins-Signtek believes in providing our clients with information, education, and resources that may help you make the best choices for your needs.
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What happens to my mail while my mailbox is being repaired?
No need to worry, we install a temporary mailbox.
I’m removing a previous business’ name on the building but my new sign won’t cover the space of the old sign completely. Can you fix that?
Yes, we routinely color-match and repaint as needed.
You made my company sign 10-12 years ago and I need to replace it now. Can you use the original design?
In most cases, we have the original design still available in our computer database. It is one of the advantages of our company having been in business uninterrupted for many years!
Do I need a permit for my sign?
In most cases, yes. Most commercial signage is subject to city or county permits. There are some exceptions for indoor signs, smaller signs, or replacement/repair.
How long does it take to get a permit?
The review and approval process varies considerably depending on the issuing authority, from 5 days to 4-6 weeks, plus the time to gather the necessary documents, get the sign engineered if required, file the application, answer any questions from the reviewer, address any issues, and collect the permit.


Many customers face the same needs or are looking for our advice on some common signage. Here you will find links, resources, and knowledgebase articles that may be of interest.

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FL Drivers Handbook Chapter on Traffic signs (hyperlink to an external web page)



We pride ourselves in doing more than just providing a product. We strive to help you succeed in your business, real estate project, or charity. Often, we go through a process of discovery, analysis, and creative solution that might be of value to you. In this section, we’ll share some such case studies with you.

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